How The Program Works



College student volunteers enroll local Title I high school students.

We select high school students from underserved areas based on a combination of need and demonstrated interest in economics and investing

Students commit to complete an 8-week course and to graduate high school in order to receive their investments




Volunteers deliver interactive lessons about investing.

Topics include

  • What is a stock?

  • Compounding interest

  • Volatility and diversification

  • Mutual funds and ETFs

  • Dollar-cost averaging

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Students who complete the program are granted $100 to invest in a select set of ETFs or mutual funds


Upon graduating high school and turning 18, positions are transferred to the students own brokerage account

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How Students Access Their Investments

Students learn the notion of "vesting," whereby they earn the right to withdraw funds by meeting 3 criteria:
1. Complete the FGI program (attending at least 6 sessions)
2. Graduate high school.
3. Turn 18 years of age​

Upon meeting all 3 criteria, volunteers work with students to create their own investment accounts and transfer all of their investments.


A Typical FGI Session

A typical FGI session consists of the following:

  1. Volunteers and students discuss the past week’s financial news

  2. Volunteers break into groups of 4 students each, and teach a new concept, like compounding interest or dollar-cost averaging

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