FGI Executive Speaker Series


Joel Holsinger, Ares Management Corporation

0:00 Introduction 
1:50 Why invest?

9:05 What's the Pathfinder Fund?

15:40 Why FGI?

18:05 Why Altfinance?

22:00 What's Private Credit?

28:00 How to buy debt?

31:14 How do you determine creditworthiness?

38:28 Why do people need credit?

41:05 What forms of credit does Ares offer?

42:59 What's a day in the life of an Ares employee?

45:10 What parting advice for students?

46:43 Conclusion

Walter Bayne, Cary Street Partners

0:00 Introduction

1:54 Why are organizations like FGI so important?

6:14 What is your role at CSP?

9:36 What is private wealth management?

15:23 What factors do you consider regarding a client’s investing goals?

18:01 What are asset classes?

24:17 How does CSP make money?

25:33 Do you think everyone should have a wealth manager?

31:39 What would a day in the life of an entry-level employee look like?

34:33 What advice do you have for a First Generation Investor?