Some Positive News, Because We All Need It

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

So you’re scrolling through your feed, reading ten iterations of the same headline: Coronavirus shutting down XYZ; our economy in apocalyptic turmoil; etc. No matter how dark things may seem right now, there is always a bright side. Here is our round-up of the best news your timeline may have missed.

1. Social distancing is giving our planet time to heal

Endangered species — such as the blue whale — are making a comeback in a huge way. Delhi, the most polluted city in the world, is believed to be experiencing a 44% reduction in pollution levels. While experts say the lockdowns alone won’t be enough to reverse the damage done to our climate, there is hope that this will usher in a new era of corporate practices, which is huge (considering the 100 largest corporations are responsible for more than 70% of CO2 emissions.)

2. Bill Gates donated billions to looking for the coronavirus vaccine, possibly “saving science months”

Bill Gates recently told Trevor Noah that he is quickly expediting lab testing of not one, not two, not three, but the seven most promising vaccines. This is the latest contribution from the Microsoft founder and philanthropist. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had been focused on hygiene in third-world countries, as well as eradicating polio from the human race.

3. In the town of Earlham, Illinois: an anonymous donor surprised all 549 households with $150 gift cards to local eateries

Every single resident of the suburb of Earlham, IL was given $150 in gift cards to local food businesses in the mail. In total, the donor — who wishes to remain anonymous — donated $82,350 to small businesses in the area, and some recipients in town were moved to tears after this incredible gesture.

4. Companies are halting usual production to make face masks, ventilators, and more

Many companies are using the supply chains they no longer need to manufacture medical supplies in a global shortage. the Mercedes Formula One team has begun producing breathing aids that reduce the need for a ventilator. Ford, GM, and 3M are partnering to produce ventilators for hospitals that need them. The makers of Absolut Vodka are switching their production to hand sanitizer, and fashion designers Brandon Maxwell and Christian Siriano are making the switch from red carpet gowns to hospital ones.

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Credit to: Rhea Saggi