Featured Volunteer: Matthew Keller

Today, First Generation Investors is spotlighting UPenn sophomore Matthew Keller, a dedicated FGI tutor since his early college days. Matthew, who hails from New Jersey, spoke with us about his enduring enthusiasm for the stock market, unexpected entry into FGI, and proudest moments as an FGI tutor.

Describe the first time you made an investment.

The first time I made an investment, I had no idea what I was doing. I was using fake money and trying to beat my friends in the MarketWatch stock market game in my sixth grade Financial Literacy class. I remember being excited at the prospect of "beating" the market and my friends, and I became engrossed in the news as I looked for patterns that I thought no one else could see. All these years later, I still get that same excitement every time I interact with the market.

How did you get involved with FGI?

I first became involved with FGI at the UPenn Club Fair, where I signed up like an eager freshman who signs up for 100 clubs and doesn’t really expect a whole lot out of it. I continued through the application process, with no expectation that I would be accepted, and I remember the air of excitement and hope in the room at my first meeting as Cole, Dylan, and Blake discussed their experiences during FGI's trial sessions. After being accepted, I felt passionate about my new role and a little bit nervous as I prepared to teach my first students about the stock market.

What have you found most rewarding about your time in FGI?

The most rewarding aspect of FGI, for me, came a few weeks into the program when the students started to take their education into their own hands. I remember one student, Asia, bringing in a plan for her investments that day and walking me through her strategy based on current events and her own understanding of the market. At that moment, I could not have been happier to be her teacher.

What is your favorite memory of working with FGI?

My favorite memory is seeing one of my former students, Juan, back in the classroom to teach the next class of students what he had learned the semester before. It could not have been more rewarding to see Juan so enthusiastic that he not only wanted to stay engaged in the investment world but was also actively teaching others about his newfound passion.