Featured Advisor: Marc Morial

When it comes to empowerment of traditionally marginalized groups, Marc Morial does it all, and then some. He serves as President and CEO of the 110-year-old National Urban League, one of the nation’s premier Civil Rights organizations. He was the Mayor of New Orleans for eight years (1994-2002), during which time he poured resources into underserved communities and left office with a 70% approval rating. He’s a Georgetown University-educated lawyer who won the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Pro Bono Publico Award for the legal service he provided to disadvantaged individuals. He’s also a professor, having taught Constitutional and Business Law at Louisiana's Xavier University, as well as conducting lectures and leading seminars on Government at Harvard University.   

And Marc Morial is a dedicated champion of First Generation Investors. In addition to serving on the Advisory Board and making a generous donation to the nonprofit, he has been providing guidance to FGI on how to maximize our impact with a diverse group of young investors.

In a recent CNBC interview, Morial praised the “powerful” work of FGI: “College-aged young people created this themselves, and they created it to bring investing and financial literacy skills to kids in high schools...all across the nation.” The former Louisiana State Senator (yes, he did that too) went on to call FGI "another example of how much talent and initiative there is" before concluding, "we have to support something like that, which is a seedling…[that] needs to be expanded."

Morial’s commitment to FGI is unsurprising; for the duration of his illustrious career, Morial has dedicated himself to promoting financial literacy, economic prosperity, and career success among underserved populations. Under President Obama, Morial was a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability, and as Head of the National Urban League he is "redefining civil rights in the 21st century with a renewed emphasis on closing the economic gaps between Whites and Blacks as well as rich and poor Americans." (Kind words compliments of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Economic Impact and Diversity.) Morial’s economic empowerment accomplishments during his tenure as the National Urban League's CEO and President include establishing Entrepreneurship Centers in 10 low-income U.S. cities to encourage small business growth, in addition to founding both the Urban Youth Empowerment Program and Urban Empowerment Fund. The former helps disadvantaged youths secure stable employment, while the latter offers loans and coaching to businesses owned by underserved individuals

Morial, who has three children and is married to CBS News Correspondent Michelle Miller, graduated with degrees in Economics and African American Studies from UPenn––the birthplace and hub of FGI. Notably, during his UPenn career, Morial served as Director of the university’s Stepping Stones Program, an org whose work mirrors that of FGI; both nonprofits strive to empower underserved youth via education. First Generation Investors is proud and grateful to have Marc Morial––government official, lawyer, educator, entrepreneur, and dogged champion of economic equality––as a loyal supporter, key Advisory Board member, and ardent advocate, and we look forward to partnering with both Mr. Morial and the National Urban League for years to come.