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Letter from the FGI Founders

We’d like to start this note by saying thank you. It’s hard to believe that since we founded First Generation Investors in 2018 at the University of Pennsylvania, we’ve been able to grow from a pilot program with 3 students to 1,000+ FGI participants, 300+ volunteers and 37 chapters nationwide. We are continuing to grow at a rapid pace and can confidently say that this growth would be impossible without your support.

FGI was born out of a desire to address the growing inequality in stock market participation, evidenced by the fact that wealthy households are six times more likely to invest in the stock market than other households, where they earn an average of 8 times the returns of an average savings account. We leveraged our resources at the Wharton School and identified 3 local Philadelphia high school students for the FGI pilot program in the spring of 2019.

We have come a long way since our 3-student pilot program, all thanks to our dedicated students, volunteers, mentors, friends, family and the village of people who have offered their support.


So, thank you.

We are beyond grateful for your belief in and support of our mission. As the FGI community continues to expand, we look forward to seeing program graduates bring the joy of investing to future generations.

More good news to come!


Dylan, Cole, and Alex

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